This session highlights a small sample of scholarship I have been involved in, conducted, directed or coordinated. It brings diverse examples and is representative of formal written scholarship, digital outreach, teaching and documentary production.

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Book. “Travel and Otherness” - Viagem e alteridade: a construção do "outro" na Rihla de Ibn Battuta, séc. XIV. Recife: Editora Universitária UFPE, 2013

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Sessional Lecturer. Teaching “HIST-3610. Slavery in North America, 1600-1877”. University of Windsor, Department of History, Canada (2020)

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Historical Consultant for Documentary Series. “Brasil: DNA África” - 4 episodes, 50min (2016)

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Teaching Assistant. Teaching “HIST2731- Introduction to Caribbean History”. York University, Department of History, Canada (2019-2020). And other courses


Principal Investigator. Development of African Brazilian Studies (Advancement and organization of Museum Exhibitions). United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO / FUNDAJ (2014). Project 914BRZ1142.8 (04/2013)